This is an online course on SUP (Stand-up paddle board) design

SUP Design Course

SUP Design Course

The online course covers the following topics:

  • Different types of SUP boards
    • Race
      • Sprint / flatwater
      • Downwind
      • Technical / surf race
      • Whitewater race
    • Surf
    • Recreational
    • Whitewater
      • River surf
      • Downriver
    • Yoga
  • Different aspects of board design
    • Stability
    • Rail shape
    • Outline shape
    • Optimising for different paddler weights
    • Designing for speed
    • Planing vs Displacement hulls
    • Fin box types
    • Fin options and placement
    • Materials and construction
      • Composites
        • Glass matrix
        • Carbon matrix
        • Aramide matrix
        • Core materials
        • Resins
        • Plastics (rotational moulding)
        • Inflatable boards (drop stitch)
      • Construction techniques
        • Hand shaping
        • CNC shaping
        • Hand lay-up
        • Vacuum bagging
        • Infusion
        • Rotational moulding
    • How to shape a foam core
    • 3D printing and applications for SUP design, prototyping and manufacturing of accessories
    • SUP Design fundamentals and calculations
      • Stability
      • Speed
      • Other performance factors
    • Introduction to using 3D CAD software for SUP design
      • Designing and shaping in CAD
      • Calculating performance with CAD
      • Simulating performance with software

The course format is short videos on each topic that explains the topic and gives real examples. At the end of the course you will understand the fundamentals and be able to design your own boards. You will also get the chance to ask any questions that you might have in an online forum dedicated to this course.

The course is presented by me (Bertrand van der Berg) an avid SUP paddler and racer, but also a mechanical engineer with experience in sports equipment and manufacturing.

If you are interested in joining this course please complete the email form below: